Inside Out

Film of the week goes to Inside Out.  Watched on average twice a day by my four year old daughter who has been home all week sick (followed closely by Tinkerbell but it’s best we don’t speak about that).  It’s a nice film, even after it’s 20th viewing and I have been interested to see it as I knew the school were using it to help teach emotional literacy to pupils.  I’m not sure it’s entirely helpful as an analogy, certainly I don’t want my two to grow up with their emotions running the show, that way madness lies or at least the teenage years do, I will wait until then ta. But it’s made me think.Фундамент под печь

It’s nearly the end of the year, I find New Year an odd time.  I think it harks back to hanging around in the local town square, probably drunk on some god awful cheap brightly coloured alcohol worrying about the moment of the bells and the pressure to kiss people you didn’t want to kiss or worse, not get to kiss the people you actually did want to kiss.  It was just all too full of teenage angst for my liking and yet every year I had a kind of hope that this new year was going to be IT! Finally it would be THE year were everything in my life started to work.  Of course it never happened that way and it still doesn’t but new year still brings that part of my out to play.   I start to make all these possible plans and resolutions that I am sure are going to transform my life in some kind of failure to success version of cinderella.  This time next year I will be exactly where I want to be! Except I won’t.

Inside Out is right about one thing.  It all works from the inside to the outside.  I figured that out already and yet I can’t seem to apply it to my actual life.  A bit of me still thinks yes but if only x, y or z could happen then everything will fall into place!  But again I say it won’t. Nothing can fall into place until I find a way to fall into place within myself.  I can’t be where I want to be this time next year unless I can be where I want to be right here and now. I need to stop seeking out the bells and whistles and start paying attention to the conductor.  You can’t conduct an orchestra without one, I keep trying to create symphonies with the conductor crying somewhere in a cupboard, so sure he’ll come out when the music is playing nicely but it’s back to front thinking.  Take care of the conductor and he can deal with the music later, if he wants to.  And if he doesn’t then at least he’s happy.  That’s the main thing.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

So when it comes to the New Year I am sure I will make my usual list of resolutions. But I hope I can remember that wrapped up rubbish is still rubbish even if you cover it in a hundred bows.  Packaging is just that, packaging and it doesn’t mean much unless it’s wrapping up the good stuff. So here’s to the good stuff and an Inside Out job.  Also good health now that my daughter has gifted her bug to me.  I suppose I could lie on the sofa and watch Tinkerbell…..


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