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It’s been a nice week.  Yay!  I had a lovely trip to Edinburgh to read with the lovely and talented Ellie (hint: she’s the proper poet, I’m the show pony).  We read from the Campaign in Poetry book in a really special little book shop called Word Power Books, it was a nice night.  I taught my theatre classes which are all pretty much full now and they all went really well, I have some fantastic young people to work with and I feel very lucky. I also worked in my son’s school rehearsing for a piece of work we have been making for a few months now, it’s nearly ready to  be shared with parents.

The big excitement was that I won a bursary for a two week summer intensive performance course at Leeds Becket University.  I wasn’t expecting it, I had applied at the last minute with a CV, personal statement and portfolio of work but I knew it would be a popular competition.  I am very excited (and a lot scared!) because the more I know the better equipped I am to provide the young people where I live with a really high quality youth theatre experience.  I really don’t think young people should miss out just because they don’t live near the central belt.

What else?  I did my drafts, I did my yoga and mediation.  Fifteen minutes of yoga this week, I will go up to twenty next. It’s certainly making me more present throughout the day and less prone to time travel (ie thinking too much about the past of future both of which I am very guilty).  I am hopeful that it will help me to be physically stronger too, on a mission to get well once and for all.

I am still conscious of being pulled about a bit, the poetry editing/submission situation is needing sorting somehow.  The reality is I can’t give it the time I did last year, I think that’s OK, but it would be nice not to stop completely.  A nice middle ground would do me nicely.  I think the editing workshop at Stanza has knocked my confidence actually, made me feel like a bit of a muppet, it’s weird how much I did not enjoy that experience, it was supposed to be fun.

Mostly this week I have been trying to think about what I bring to the world, what is my actual value, what do I do that other people can’t do?  I am not totally sure I know the answer to this, I have always wanted to really specialise in something but it hasn’t quite revealed itself to me yet.  However at the moment I am certainly the only person who can be delivering the rural youth arts experience that I am currently building.  Not because no one else could do it but because no one else is actually here!  So there is that, perhaps this is my work in the world, who knows.

Next week I have another reading in Edinburgh, this time for 10Red and with my talented neighbour, spoken word poet Mark Thompson.  I may or may not be at the centre of a scandal (not really a scandal but it’s possible a wee situation might blow up but I really hope not as it was not my intention, I should know by the end of Sunday – cryptic I know!!) and I have lots and lots of reading to get done in preparation for a week observing Mike Alfreds at work later this month, someone send a time portal please! Or just pop round and tidy my house, that would do the trick .

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