Stuck in the Middle

Why has someone not created a career advice service specifically for people having a mid-life crisis? Surely they would be raking it in?  I’m pretty sure I would have them booked out for the foreseeable future at least.

I’m thinking a lot about focus this week.  Last year was easy.  I was focussed on writing, that was it.  I wrote when I could, read when I could, learned as much as I could from  both.  I did a couple of lovely Poetry School courses and workshops, submitted like a maniac and even managed to get published.  Easy peasy.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

This year already feels more complicated.  Five weeks ago I set up Little Red Theatre Company.  Last year I steered clear of all things theatre.  It felt easier that way.  I even turned down the offer of cheap tickets to go and see Punch Drunk in London.  I hardly recognised myself actually.  In a strange way it felt better to stay away from all things theatrical than it was to admit to myself that I wasn’t actually doing anything theatre based.  And so it might have stayed if I hadn’t promised my son’s school some voluntary work

Angus Council don’t provide any drama specialists in any of their Primary Schools, they never have.  Soon they won’t be alone as drama provision is currently being cut across Scotland  I didn’t see a professional theatre production until I was about fifteen.  Coming back to my home town it was strange to see how little things have moved on.  No youth theatre, no touring theatre, nothing.  Then I went into the school and I saw what I might be able to do here.  So I suppose I got a bee in my bonnet and it felt right to try and do something to change things.

On Tuesday I attended an excellent training session with Enterprise Scotland, it’s given me a lot to think about which is brilliant except for one thing. It has given me a lot to think about.  I’ve always admired the multitasking type, my brain can’t really cope with that.  I like to think about one thing at a time.  My question just now is can I think about both theatre and writing?  Part of me thinks yes, they are both creative, but another part of me also knows that every yes you say in life dilutes all your other yeses.  So what will happen now?  Don’t ask me, I’m having a mid-life crisis remember.

Still I did my drafts. Some that felt less awful than last week which was nice.  I also did a couple of submissions.  I had planned three but I could’t quite get the third lot to feel right just yet.  I didn’t hear back from any of the submissions currently out there.  I dragged myself through another sonnet.  I am still surprised at how hard I am finding that particular task and I did do some editing but it wouldn’t describe it as a particularly brilliant session.

And that was it,  another muddled week in which I muddled along in the middle of, well, some kind of muddle.  Hurrah for middles, that’s where the jam is, I hope!


2 thoughts on “Stuck in the Middle

  1. Hats off to you for starting your own theatre company! Congratulations. That’s a lot of work though I would imagine so I’m not surprised you’re wondering how to concentrate on both. Writing takes a lot of dedication I’m finding out. I mean, I was aware of that before I promised myself I’d properly go for it but when you’re actually doing it and parenting at the same time plus juggling other jobs and responsibilities, that’s when you really realise how much energy it takes. You’ve come so far though so I have every confidence you’ll find your way through it. Hope the jam is tasty!

  2. Thanks! I think I am a fan of the idea of a single focus but life isn’t like that much. We all have many strands. I like the idea of being dedicated to something, I think there is an art to that but my mind is very scattered right now. I am hoping clarity is around the corner.

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