The Forgotten Post

So it’s Mother’s day.  I am on my own with my (lovely) kids, one is sleeping the other, who kept me up all night, is currently having a tantrum on the stairs because I won’t let her have Skips for breakfast.  The joys.

Last week I had a late post, this week I have a forgotten post.  I just forgot all about it until I spotted my laptop (on the floor of my teaching room, really need to tidy that up).

It’s interesting that I should forget it because all I have been thinking about this week is focus.  I know how important it is in relation to work, success, creativity and life in general and yet at the moment I am struggling to find it.  It’s like I have laid out a number of cards from the pack in front of me and I just don’t know which one to pick up.  This is really an unhelpful place to be and I feel like I have been here since the beginning of the year.  I do want something that I can just run with but which race do I run?  Really I just want someone to come and tell me what to do which is a bit sad considering I am meant to  be an adult and all that.

Writing wise I am still ticking along with a draft a day.  It is helpful and also a bit overwhelming, too much material. I don’t know what to do with it all.  I’ve managed to do a couple of submissions this week and was surprised at just how long it actually took to do.  An entire morning and half the afternoon just to sort two submissions!  I had set aside an hour for it.  I’ve had no rejections are acceptances this week, all quiet on the writing front.  I am feeling the need to get back to a good routine.  At the moment it’s all a bit squeezed.  This is in part to sleeping patterns in the house changing, my husband goes to work later and my daughter gets up earlier so the space for me to write has sort of gone.  I could get up at five, this does not appeal at all!  I do like to write first thing though so it might be my only solution.

My youth theatre is ticking along nicely, I have plans to register it as a SCIO so that I can apply for funding to hopefully bring work in and I am still wrestling with MA solutions.  I am itching to do something, just not quite sure what yet although I might be getting closer.  Unless someone wants to give me £15, 000 and transport up and down to London so I can go and do the Frantic Assembly one that I really want?  No?  Ah well.

The other thing I did this week which was rather lovely was to go and do a short talk to the Primary 5 pupils in the Angus cluster on writing.  I focussed on trying to encourage them to think of writing as something that is very possible for all of them.  As someone who was repeatedly told she was to stupid to do anything at school I am evidence of that, I hope it helped someone a little bit at least.

Tantrum over, Mulan on and more cereal which is probably just as bad as crisps considering it’s basically sugar in a box.  Ah well, pick your battles and all that.  Now if I could just pick mine.  Maybe next week, if I remember.

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