All Magic has a Price

I don’t watch TV, I don’t understand how people have time to watch it to be honest,  but then I do go to bed at 9pm so that might be why.  I do, however, have a soft spot for Once Upon A Time.  It’s not the best TV show in the world, far from it, but its collection of familiar fairy tale characters jumping about different worlds appeals to me, I’m still about five on the inside (aren’t we all?).  And they have this line, all magic comes with a price.

I’ve done pretty well on the magic front lately.  I won that bursary to go to Leeds for two weeks, I went to France and got to experience the best training I have ever had (and I am a workshop junkie so that’s a fair bit) in the most beautiful setting with the most beautiful people, I got to go to London and learn with the National Theatre as part of the Connections project and I was accepted onto the Conflux skill share which started this week.  Turns out even magic needs a break though.

Before all these things happened I was so worried I wouldn’t manage, that my body would freak out and let me down.  France in particular filled me with fear, if I became unwell in France I would be very far from home.  But I didn’t.  And I managed London too.  Perhaps I was getting a bit cocky but I got a bit of a surprise when it was the two days of mask work in just-up-the-road Glasgow that caused me a problem.

Admittedly it was right on the back of London which has in a way been on the back of all the other things . Perhaps it was just a workshop too far but the day after was pretty rough.  It was disappointing.  I had though I might be about to get back at it, maybe start running again, maybe get back to the gym .  Having said that it wasn’t a massive, all out flair up.  I had to rest yes, but no going to bed for a couple of weeks, I bounced back pretty quick.  Perhaps just a reminder not to get carried away, there is still a lot of listening to the body to be done. It was a little price to pay for all the magic.

Writing wise not much has happened, it never does when the kids are home but also I was away in London and then Glasgow so time has been taken up with that.  I did however have an acceptance for a poem from Lighthouse which was lovely, it’s an older poem from last year and I am glad it has found a home.    And I had my rather strange birthday on which I did a mask work meaning I spent a lot of my birthday pretending to climb a mountain in an earthquake.  I had some lovely presents but the best was from a friend from France who sent me audio recordings of all the workshops there which means I get to go back and have a little bit of that magic again.  And maybe there doesn’t have to be a price, maybe there can just be a bit of possibility.  I’ll take that.

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