How to Make a Hard Task Easy

Here is how to make a hard thing easy in three simple steps.

1. Try task – is it hard?  Yes, good.  Stop trying to do hard task.

2. Find an even harder task.  Work on this for a few days.

3. Return to hard task, it should now feel as smooth as a baby’s bum to solve. Sorted!


I actually first learned this technique from Frantic Assembly who will add layers and layers of of complication to a sequence so that by the time you are at layer five, layer one is so easy you can’t believe you ever thought it difficult.  I rediscovered it these last few weeks when trying to sort out all my travel plans for the next couple of months.

First there is Leeds. I will be there for two weeks on a performance intensive with Leeds University. I’d been trying to sort the ins and outs of that trip when I realised I  needed to get my trip to France sorted.

If you want to travel from a small Scottish town to a rural French farm then you can assume that this task is a lot harder than organising a trip to Leeds.  It took me three full days of internet malarky to solve that little puzzle. By the time I got the end of it it Leeds felt like a walk in the park.

Having said that it won’t be.  I am timetabled from 9am-9:30pm, there will be no parks and no walking just work.  I like work though so it’s all good. I think it’s likely I won’t blog while I am there, I  might not even write, who knows how it will go.  I shall let it all unfold and see what comes.

So this is a short blog that will possibly precede two non-appearances as I try to survive the next two weeks.  Wish me luck.

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